Why Choose Us?

christine“I set up Griffinity to follow my passion for helping leaders, teams and HR professionals to excel by bringing out the best out in themselves and others. I believe that people have every opportunity to perform at their best when their outcomes are clear, they optimise their strengths, understand their needs and have an enabling and supportive work environment.”

Christine Griffin, Founder and Managing Director, Griffinity


Track record in international organisations

Our founder and team of associates have strong track records of working at senior level in a diverse range of international organisations to support business success. This experience has given us a deep understanding of the broader organisational context and the personal and business challenges facing leaders and their teams.

Work in partnership to deliver results

We will work in partnership with you to clarify your outcomes and identify the resources you need to deliver long-lasting results. We will agree specific success criteria with you and monitor progress in achieving your objectives. That is how we can prove that we are making a tangible difference to you and your organisation.

Focus on strengths-based solutions

Our focus is on co-creating strengths-based solutions with you. Research and our experience show that individuals can significantly improve their performance by making the most of their strengths and understanding what they need to perform at their best.

In-depth psychological and behavioural understanding

Our training in Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Group Dynamics Leadership and The Birkman Method® and Strengthscope™ assessment tools has given us an in-depth understanding of some of the psychological and behavioural factors that have an impact on motivation and performance. Understanding these factors enables us to help you to create outstanding results with people.