christineChristine Griffin, Founder and Executive Coach

Christine mentored me through the CIPD Surrey & North Hants Mentoring Scheme, and I hope to continue our mentoring relationship in 2018. Christine supported me to find clarity and direction in my future career, and to further my self-awareness of the type of work and work environment that would best suit my current situation, needs and aspirations.

Christine provides supportive challenge, whilst really listening to the needs and issues of her client. She offered her own experiences as examples, which I found hugely useful, and brought tools such as the Birkman Career tool to support my journey and clarify finding.

I went through a period of time when I was unsure I could make my aspiration to be freelance a reality, and Christine showed patience and support to me as I determined what support I needed from our mentoring relationship. Christine challenged my thinking, some of which was limiting my own career potential but also the future potential of my business.

It was a pleasure and a privilege to be mentored by Christine. I feel it was a true gift to me, and I was hugely appreciative of the CIPD mentoring scheme for matching me with such a hugely credible and highly skilled Coach & Mentor, and for Christine’s time, energy and support. I know Christine is so committed to supporting women’s development and potential, and her mentoring has had a significant impact on my personal career journey.

Thank you again Christine! Kath Howard, Founder, OD Consultant & Coach at HeartSparks

“My team and I were incredibly impressed with Christine’s professional , extremely experienced and focussed delivery during our team training session on Understanding Communication Styles to Increase Your Leadership Impact. From the initial contact, through to the after course follow up Christine listened and tailored our needs perfectly. Having been on similar courses during my long career, Christine’s style and structured training was excellent and I would thoroughly recommend her.”  Charles Beardsall, CEO, Wala UK Ltd. Dr. Hauschka

“I achieved transformational changes as a result of the coaching programme with Christine. Firstly, she helped me to identify the three key priorities I need to focus on when I’m feeling stressed and overwhelmed at work and complete these before dealing with the less important tasks. Secondly, she helped me to appreciate how important it is to take time off to reflect – Leaving on time, doing activities that I enjoy – all of which contribute to my happiness and productivity at work. I often think of ideas offline so I hit the ground running with fresh eyes each morning. Thirdly, Christine shared her WEALTH of knowledge around communication styles in the workplace and how I should sometimes adjust my style to fit the audience. This has been a game changer!

I liked how Christine remembered past work stories or my boss’s name. She picked up quite quickly who I viewed as my stakeholders and regularly focused on how my behaviour would affect them. It was very personal and motivating too. When she gave me suggestions, she applied these to existing work characters or scenarios so her advice or the exercises she gave me were particularly motivating.

Christine ensured that I was accountable for achieving my outcomes for the coaching programme. She helped me to identify the building blocks to achieve each goal. It wasn’t just an hour spent complaining – it was a really good structured session to identify what I had the power to fix and how…. And it was down to me to achieve.

I would highly recommend Christine if you want to make transformational changes to your working life.” Amelia Hoey, Management Accountant, CoStar Group UK

“Through the CIPD Mentoring Scheme, Christine has acted as my Mentor for the past 10 months. Her support, guidance and advice has been invaluable in helping me to make the transition to return to work after a career break and to plan for and start my own Career Coaching business. Christine has a wealth of knowledge and experience in coaching and running a business, and I have really valued her ability to enable me to build my own confidence and develop a clear action plan so that I have been able to turn my ambition into reality. It has also been motivating and positive to be able to experience the power of coaching through undergoing it myself with Christine, as well as to receive practical support to help me take steps to get my business up and running. It has really come across that Christine is passionate in helping women take the next step in their career and she has provided me with the support I have needed to ensure it is off to a successful start. Thank you Christine for your commitment to support me on my journey.” Rachel Wright, Career Coach

I found StrengthscopeLeader a powerful tool, especially in the hands of an experienced coach like Christine. A recent new team dynamic offered an opportunity for me to step up and redefine my position within a senior team. The positive identification of my strengths, combined with a reminder of what energises me, highlighted my unique make-up. This in turn, through the coaching session, helped me find ways to face into what I could do better, using my strengths.

Christine can call on her rich background in coaching and NLP to guide me from realization to action. I could apply the outcomes of the report and the coaching with immediate effect and positive results.

I would highly recommend contacting Christine if you want help identifying your strengths to enable you to step up to the next level.” Zelda Wilson, Global Health Affairs Manager, Danone

“Christine has a disarming, discerning style of coaching and is adept at getting to the crux of where focus and action is required to get desired results. She focuses on getting commitment to actions that will have the most impact on achieving individual goals. Her wealth of industry knowledge means that she is well tuned into issues faced by her clients and can offer meaningful insights to inspire fresh outlooks. Christine has been a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending her as an executive coach.”  Sharon Nash, Strategic Advisor, Nash Consulting Practice

“Christine is a wonderful coach. Her very comfortable question and discussion approach allowed me to identify what is best and most suitable for me from a career perspective. I learnt a great deal about myself and what is important to me in the sessions and she helped me with practical steps to progress. The programme with Christine is one of the best things I have done for myself.” Kieran Carroll, Head of Product Management – B2B & Medical at MiTAC Europe

“Christine coached me at a critical stage in my career. I found her calm approach enabled me to talk honestly and openly ensuring the coaching was as beneficial as possible to me. The feedback on my Birkman Report gave me a much greater awareness and understanding of the ways in which I approach personal and business challenges. I found the information about stress behaviours very useful. I had never really noticed these in myself but will definitely make an effort to improve these in future.

Thanks to Christine’s coaching I now have a much better understanding of the types of career paths and work environments that closely match my strengths, interests and needs. I would highly recommend Christine.” Will Baker, Trainee Accountant, Deloitte

“As an Executive Coach Christine has a thoughtful attention to the individual’s situation – able to move in and out of pure coaching to mentor to adviser to friend if necessary. She has an ability to inspire confidence and really influence behaviour. I have witnessed definite positive changes in the behaviours and responses of 3 members of the HR team with whom Christine worked.

As an HR Consultant Christine has an appreciation of the business context aligned with deep behavioural understanding. She has an ability to influence others to get things done in a pleasantly assertive way. Christine is always willing to give extra time to people beyond the defined scope of a project. She gave constant updates on progress of work, so I never had to chase for anything – and made it as easy as she could for me to focus on the areas for which she needed me to input. She has a flexible approach and is willing to informally coach those around her.

In summary I value Christine’s approachability and persistence to help people to achieve results.” Vanessa Mallett, HR Vice President, UK & Ireland, Thermo Fisher Scientific

“Christine is a highly effective coach, sensitive to her client’s needs, with a broad business awareness which helps the individual work through career issues in a constructive manner. She designed and delivered a tailor-made coaching programme and workshop for me and my ten direct reports. The team responded well to Christine as she adapted her style as appropriate with each team member. She made the Team Insights Workshop fun and it was very effective in helping us to develop a deeper understanding of each other’s strengths, interests and needs to enable us to work more effectively together. Christine gave me everything I wanted and the programme exceeded my expectations.” Annette Turner, HR Director, Europe and Africa, KBR

“I feel very comfortable talking to Christine openly about the challenges I face at work, especially as her experience of working on senior leadership teams has given her a deep understanding of the business context. This differentiates her from other coaches I have worked with.” Peter Manoogian, Former President, BP Exploration Libya Ltd

“Christine was my coach when I reached a critical crossroads in my career. She helped me to clarify my direction and achieve the next step in my journey. Christine was supportive and non-judgemental, recognising and helping me to honour, respect and use my personal strengths to achieve the results I wanted from the coaching programme, and from my career choices.

Using clear questions, Christine challenged and guided me to explore and let go of unhelpful and self-limiting assumptions. I made real progress as a result of working with Christine, and had fun too. I recommend that you work with Christine so that you can bring clarity and success into your life and your business.” Dave Loewy, Business Engagement Manager, Cisco

“Christine helped me to recognise and address difficult challenges I was facing at work. More than anything she helped me to increase my self confidence and to see things from a slightly different, more objective viewpoint. She has excellent skills in listening and questioning and her feedback made an enormous difference to me. I respect her opinion and the coaching helped me to have faith in my own judgments as well as to personally challenge me and move positively forward.

All the coaching sessions added value especially the work we did on body language/role play, how to address difficult issues with staff, prioritisation, the wheel of life and being asked challenging questions about what I wanted or what I was going to do. I found the walk along the North Downs an inspiration and a breakthrough as it reconnected me to my past achievements. Christine’s coaching helped to me to feel valued, validated my own judgements and enabled me to feel that I have got something very positive to offer. I would recommend Christine as a coach without question.” Sheila Nardone, Manager, Kingston Bereavement Service

“Christine is a superb coach and in my experience is certainly up there with the very best of the best!

Not only have I felt respected, heard and challenged during my sessions I have also felt I was really able to work on areas that have massively been holding me back. I can honestly say I now feel ready to achieve my full potential and am excited, focused and full of energy!

I thank you SO much Christine for your superb professionalism as well as your gentle human approach.” Sandra Crathern, Personal and Business Life Coach, Innavision