alastairAlastair Kidd
Alastair Kidd, Coach and Consultant

“Alastair is a first-rate coach with a unique ability to combine a holistic appreciation of his clients’ needs with a strong sense of putting the results of coaching into practice.” “Great Results, Personable, High Integrity”
Former Managing Director, Investment Bank

“Ethical and highly professional, authentic, creates safe space, intuitive, empathetic and sensitive and yet challenging, insightful and able to give feedback with “backbone”.
Managing Director, HR Consulting

“Alastair’s coaching style was perfect for me in that he stated the elephant in the room (i.e. said things as they are), made me laugh at myself and created the space I needed to make the changes that I wanted to make. He helped me to get the outcomes I was looking for and enjoy the process of getting there and for me the big part acknowledging what had been achieved. I would thoroughly recommend Alastair for any coaching you are considering.”

“Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity”
New Business Start-up

“… I have really enjoyed being coached these past three months and I am over the moon with where it has taken me. Business wise a lot of things are happening here as a direct result …”
New Business Start-up