Leadership Development Workshop

Communicating Change with Confidence


In these testing economic times many organisations are looking at a variety of ways to reduce costs, meet the challenge of competition and ensure the survival of the business. Measures often include job reductions and/or negotiating changes to terms and conditions of employment which may not be welcomed by employees.

When an organisation proposes changing an employee’s contract of employment in some way, it must consult with them. However, consultation meetings are not the easiest or most pleasant conversations to have. Whether you are in HR or a line manager, your heart may sink at the prospect. Knowing that your skill (or lack of it!) will make the difference between a smooth or painful process may make your heart sink even further.


Christine will share practical ways in which you can improve your skills and confidence to make consultation meetings or difficult conversations smoother, less daunting experiences for you and the individuals on the receiving end. She will also cover ways of building emotional resilience for the communicators, employees affected by the changes and the ‘survivors’.


This is an interactive half or full day workshop with the opportunity to practise what you learn in role play exercises to enable you to start using the skills immediately.

What clients say:

“Christine facilitated a series of leadership development workshops on ‘Communicating change with confidence’ when the university was going through a restructuring programme. The training helped the managers to increase their skills and confidence delivering difficult messages to their teams.

Christine brings an innovative and engaging style to re-enforce learning and ensures every participant has a rich learning experience. She is pragmatic and uses her own experiences to reinforce the impact that delivering difficult messages can have. Her workshops are interactive and provide opportunities for people to practise in a safe environment without feeling uncomfortable. Christine conducted a very thorough needs analysis to gain an insight into our organisation and, as a result, the workshops were tailored to our specific needs with tangible outcomes.”

Linda Huckle, Learning & Development Facilitator, University for the Creative Arts.