Leadership Development Workshop

Supercharge your career goals using your strengths


Research shows that when organisations focus on strengths, employee engagement may increase from between 9% and 73%.   Departments supporting their people to use their strengths have a 38% higher probability of greater productivity and a 44% higher probability of customer loyalty and employee retention. Focussing on strengths in appraisals leads to a 36% jump in performance versus a 27% decline when focussing on weaknesses.


This one day workshop will give you an insight into your strengths at work (i.e. the underlying qualities that energise you, contribute to your personal growth and lead to peak performance).

You will have the opportunity to consider your career highs and lows and how to use your strengths to supercharge your goals going forward.

Note: Participants will complete Strengthscope™ – a leading assessment tool that provides a comprehensive measurement of an individual’s strengths at work – prior to attending the workshop.

What participants say:

“This session was fantastic as it not only provided tools to go forward but allowed opportunities for an open forum/sharing to take place.”

“The Strengthscope feedback report was very enlightening and a useful tool in helping me to recognise my strengths.”

For further information:

Please contact Christine Griffin on 07796 147127 or christine@griffinity.co.uk  to find out how she can help you or visit www.griffinity.co.uk for more information about Griffinity’s services.