Leadership Development Workshop

Handling difficult conversations


Does your heart sink at the prospect of having one of those ‘difficult’ conversations with a colleague whose behaviour has been challenging? Do you dread performance appraisal review meetings, especially when a member of staff is under-performing? Do you have sleepless nights worrying about standing up in front of your team to deliver ‘bad’ news?

These situations occur every day in the workplace and many managers put off the ‘difficult’ conversations until it reaches crisis point. You may be thinking “If only I could get someone else to deal with this tricky matter it would make my life so much easier!”

Does this sound familiar?


In this interactive workshop we will share some practical ways in which you can improve your skills and confidence to make ‘difficult’ conversations smoother, less daunting experiences for you and the people on the receiving end.


This is an interactive half or full day workshop with the opportunity to practise what you learn in role play exercises to enable you to start using the skills immediately.

What Clients Say:

“Well presented, interesting subject which has caused me to rethink how difficult conversations are approached.”