“Why don’t they understand what I am trying to say to them…?”

Recognising the different filters and patterns we use in thinking and communicating to build better personal and business relationships


Do you see the wineglass as half full or half empty by looking for what is there as opposed to what is not there?

This is an example of one of the ways in which you filter what happens to you to let some information in and keep other information out. This is what constitutes perception or your reality. When interacting with others we each create our own filters or patterns of thinking. Depending on how closely we match the style of the other person we may connect immediately and the words flow or, conversely, we feel at a distance and the conversation is stilted.


This workshop will cover how to recognise the different filters and patterns we use in thinking and communicating that affect how we present ourselves. You will also learn how to relate to others in a language and style they understand to build greater rapport and better business relationships.

This is an interactive session with the opportunity for you to practise what you learn and some practical tips to take away to use immediately.


The workshop can be tailored in content and duration from a 1½ hours ‘taster’ session to a full day to meet the specific needs of the participants.

What Clients Say

“Very insightful – good tips to use in everyday situations.”

“A very interesting and stimulating session.”

“Good focus on practical application.”