Executive Coaching

Challenges faced by leaders

We are living through turbulent economic times with many organisations implementing significant changes to their businesses to help them to remain competitive and keep afloat. Employees are looking increasingly to their leaders to guide them safely through the storm. As a leader, you may be experiencing similar levels of uncertainty and the journey ahead may not be as clear as you would like it to be. You may be frustrated that you are expending most of your energy working the sails and don’t seem to have time to stop and think about the direction in which you want to steer the boat and how to get the best out of yourself and your crew.

Benefits of Executive Coaching

“People come to coaching for lots of different reasons, but the bottom line is change. They no longer want things to stay the same and they see that coaching can make the change happen.” – Laura Whitworth et al, co-author of “Co-Active Coaching”


At Griffinity, we will act as a trusted partner, creating space for you to think about the journey ahead, the changes you want to make happen and the resources you need to successfully reach your destination.

Our experience demonstrates that coaching helps clients to more easily achieve the changes they want to make and is a highly effective way of developing people as it provides:

  • Emotional engagement – Coaching facilitates learning at the emotional as well as the intellectual level, which is a key factor in successful behavioural change.
  • Customised learning – Coaching enables individuals to learn in a way that matches their unique preferences, learning styles and strengths.
  • Increased individual accountability and responsibility – Coaching supports individuals to achieve their outcomes by acting as a ‘mirror’, providing challenge, encouragement and honest feedback. It helps them take full accountability and responsibility for their own actions.
  • Time phased growth – During a coaching programme individuals have the opportunity to build and reinforce learning in bite-sized chunks with a series of one-to-one coaching sessions.

For more information about coaching and some of the resources we use to help you to achieve results with people download ©Griffinity Coaching Framework, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Group Dynamics Leadership, The Birkman Method® and Strengthscope™

We offer a free initial consultation to help you decide if executive coaching is right for you and your organisation.

All Griffinity coaches adhere to our ‘Coaching Ethical Guidelines and Standards’